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mi.lo - 17.07.2006, 18:05 Uhr
Titel: The Guardian To Lauch G24
The Guardian is to launch G24, a new, free, 'print and read' service featuring Guardian Unlimited news content updated every 15 minutes. Users log onto Guardian Unlimited and download an eight to twelve page A4 pdf featuring the latest news. They can select any of five news-streams: general news, international, economics, sport and media stories.

G24 is part of the Guardian's commitment to building new platforms for its quality journalism and is likely to appeal to a lunchtime and evening commuter market wanting a live print-based update. It will be launched later in the summer with BT as the launch sponsor.

Carolyn McCall, Chief Executive of Guardian Newspapers Ltd., said: "This innovative development underlines our ambition to ensure that the Guardian's distinctive, independent content is available in a variety of formats throughout the day, meeting the changing needs of our online users and readers."

Notes to editors: Visual: pdf of dummy GU24 front cover

For more information please contact

Julie Taylor on 020 7713 4087.

skillz - 17.07.2006, 21:19 Uhr

1) der "brandname" is "g24.at"

und 2) jeder der a bissl googlen kann findet noch x andere g24 - irgendwas.. es gibt sogar statt g8 sowas wie g24 von irgendwelchn staaten, die sich treffen..

3) "g24.at" gibts zu 100% nur einmal

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