musik - Kabelton - Ivana

kabelton - 29.06.2009, 13:20 Uhr
Titel: Kabelton - Ivana
Grüße aus Gries...


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KABELTON is in love! Usually, the enfant
terrible of the minimal scene is better known
as a restless insomniac who runs his own label
and mastering studio, works as a sound
designer and won't even stop producing
disturbingly catchy techno tracks while eating,
dancing or going berserk to the beat. That was
before he met IVANA, however.

This track is an anthemic tribute to the
clubs, to nights spent in galaxies of
ecstacy and the girl seductively shaking
her hips on the other side of the
dancefloor. Animal chatter and chirping
micronoises are powered by a merciless
beat on the original mix, while the SHAP
remix relies on a classically kicking
electro-groove and bone-dry bass signals
for forward propulsion.

No romantic wallpaper to play during a candle
light dinner perhaps. But then KABELTON is not
the guy to disrespect his roots not even when
he's in love.

Beatport: http://tinyurl.com/kogbmp

vjlux - 29.06.2009, 14:01 Uhr
wow! Shocked
tuti - 29.06.2009, 16:12 Uhr
meiner meinung nach einer der großen burner dieses jahres. und das sag ich nicht, weil ich mit dem herrn kabeltoni mucke mach. weil so was hab ich über ihn noch nie verlautbart.

echt geile scheisse und wer beim spring:break dabei war, weiss wie die nummer fährt...
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