Krise: Klimawandel - Largest Danish fossil fuel provider turns to wind

I - 02.08.2009, 14:35 Uhr
Titel: Largest Danish fossil fuel provider turns to wind
copenhagen post inline hat folgendes geschrieben:

Dong Energy, the nation’s largest fossil fuel energy provider, is increasingly turning to wind

Investing several billion kroner in wind energy is paying dividends for the nation’s largest power company, Dong Energy.
Formed in 2006 as a merger of Dong, Energi E2, Nesa and Københavns Energi, the company has long been a producer of coal, oil, bio-mass and thermal-based energy. But in recent years it has invested heavily in wind power, including several wind farms in the UK. And the profits from those wind energy investments are now challenging Dong’s returns from its fossil fuel-based energies. Dong’s price for wind power energy is slightly lower than for its other energies, but its sales are bringing in income at twice the profit margin. While wind power made up only 8 percent of the company’s overall energy produced, it brought in 39 percent of the company’s energy income in 2008. Dong spokesman Andreas Krog said the costs of establishing a wind farm were quite high but in the long-term the investments would be more than worth the price.[...]

http://www.cphpost.dk/climate/91-climat ... -wind.html


hab jetzt leider grad nicht die zeit, die story nachzurecherchieren. v.a. würd ich mir auch gern die dänische gesetzeslage ansehen, die solche enormen, schnellen fortschritte ermöglicht! mag das wer übernehmen? sind im besten fall nur einige minuten arbeit.

wäre generall großartig, wenn sich mehr leute in die richtung engagieren würden:
spannende artikel posten, oder gar, selber recherchieren und schreiben.
citizen journalism!
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