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numavi - 04.05.2016, 12:34 Uhr
Titel: 14.5. WhiteFang(US) & RDMH-DJ-Line@Poga2nd floor

White Fang (Burger Records) - Punk / Noise - Portland

„Chunks“ heißt das letzte Album von White Fang, das auf Burger Records erschienen ist, aufgenommen und produziert von Bobby Harlow (The Go), der bei einem Live Konzert Instant Fan wurde: „White Fang played the heaviest, tightest most hilariously awesome show that I saw all week at SXSW. Those four 'Chunks' tripping on acid utterly buried every rock band under an avalanche of mind meltingly badass Punk? Rock? Garage? Fuck knows. It was devastatingly cool.“

White Fang are the boisterously beating heart of Portland's DIY punk scene. They've played almost every basement within a 10-mile radius of the Willamette River. In addition to recently touring with hometown heroes the Thermals, they book their own tours. They forego studio time in favor of bedroom and basement recording. They even own their own small-run cassette label, Gnar Tapes and Shit. As a band, all hallmarks of sophistication are pushed straight through a closed window; White Fang are mostly about gleeful destruction and infectious cacophony.

The Memories - (gnar tapes) - Lofi Pop - Los Angeles

The Memories aus Los Angeles bzw. Portland verbinden Lo-Fi, Folk, Pop, Rock, Jangle, Garage und Psychedelia.

Everyone’s favorite lo-fi lovers and prolific purveyors of pothead pop offer up something new for you. At this point we can all agree that The Memories have their own, signature homespun sound, or sounds rather, that fit into a spectrum between dirty and delightful. Percussion pulled from everyday objects such as kitchenware and art supplies, guitars played through broken practice amps and karaoke machines, keyboards drifted through dusty inputs; all to create an atmosphere that recalls elements of AM radio, garage sale mixtapes, and sentient lo-fi intention.


After show:
Joint Venture DJ Assault CLAN since 2013.
Raw And Uncut. Graz.

Dux Records (Annenstrasse 7, A-8020 Graz) 10¤
http://oeticket.com/ 11¤
https://ntry.at/whitefang 11¤
AK: 15¤
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Titel: video
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