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Titel: Do., 12.12.13 - DIY-Label & Release Night @ Fluc, Wien  BeitragVerfasst am: 11.12.2013, 10:06 Uhr

Beiträge: 91
Wohnort: Graz

Re-lay & 19Hz
The performances of Re-lay & 19 hertz are suffused by digital aesthetics. In the tension zone at the nexus of predetermined patterns and free improvisation, sounds interplay over the course of the performance, reciprocal manipulation is triggered, and other sounds begin to cascade in. The upshot is an experimental form of playing - both between the two artists and among the piece -immanent structures and the rules themselves. Total externalization - full disclosure - of the internal process of origination makes this audible in what is ultimately a self-referential sound sculpture.

DSQ007: Rer Repeter - Poison Will Be Hidden EP (Dubsquare 12”)
The 7th release on Dubsquare Records comes from Rer Repeter, who delivers three bass-heavy Dub House tracks with a 2-Step twist. Far from being a newcomer to the label, he was already one half of El Rakkas, whose “Extremely Cheap And Effective EP” (DSQ 004) was described by John Eden (formerly Woofah Magazine, now Datacide) as “fucking MENTAL”, while Berlin’s Hardwax tipped it as “far out EP on the edge of Avant Dubstep, Industrial Techno and sparse UK Garage”. This time around, however, Rer Repeter cut down the BPM and trimmed his basslines for the advanced house floor, yet preserving his raw and minimalist sound trademark.

SFS006: MSTEP - Who’s To Blame/Haunting Beats (Sounding Functions 12”+digital)
With “Who´s to Blame”, Vienna based Producer Martin Stepanek a.k.a. MSTEP continues his path through the more abstract, deeper rims of the hardcore continuum he already begun with “Patterns in a Dubmatic Field Vol. 1” (Sounding Functions #2), “Patterns in a Dubmatic Field, Vol.2” (on Phlox Records) and last Years “Hyperbolic / Disco Queens” (Sounding Functions #5). Whereas the two releases comprising the “Patterns in a Dubmatic Field” Series (a somewhat tongue-in-cheek reference to a famous composition by the american composer Morton Feldman) unfolded around MSTEPs interest in the soundworlds sketched out by artists like Pinch, Shackleton, Martyn, Kode9, Mala and others, the following “Hyperbolic / Disco Queens” Release marked a turning to soundscapes influenced by drum & bass and jungle.

On the present Release “Who`s to Blame”, this route is driven further, expanded and deepened in 4 Tracks, loosely influenced by the output of labels like Exit Records, Ingredients and Narratives, or Acts like Instra:Mental, Genotype, Skeptical, Abstract Elements and ASC. But before being in any way a cover of sonic texts already laid out by others, this release is a bold statement in marking it’s own position in a field of experimentation stretching between techno, dubstep and drum & bass.

Fluc / 21h
Praterstern 5
1020 Wien

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