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Titel: Bulgaria is not changing its push-back policy at its border.  BeitragVerfasst am: 06.03.2020, 16:55 Uhr

Beiträge: 94

Bordermonitoring Bulgaria

https://bulgaria.bordermonitoring.eu/20 ... to-turkey/

On the 27th of February 2020 the Turkish government announced migrants will no longer be stopped on the Turkish side of the borders to Greece and Bulgaria. Following this statement thousands of migrants are moving on to Edirne, which is located in the three country border region. For this they used buses (non-stop), organized by the Turkish government, some took taxis. While during the night many people tried to cross the Turkish-Greek border, 60 migrants have been pushed back at the Bulgarian-Turkish border on the following morning.

The practice of pushing people back to Turkey has not changed so far. During the last days the Greek border is much worse when it comes to the number of people who have been pushed back in only in a short while, but for Greece and Bulgaria this push back practice is not new. While in the past asylum seekers and Bulgarian government officials have both admitted that the Bulgarian border fence could be easily crossed, the Bulgarian authorities have a bad reputation, regarding their behavior towards migrants. The Bulgarian Defence Minister Krassimir Karakachanov just stated that the bulgarian army is ready at any time.

Media reported that FRONTEX installed 60 additional staff members to the already existing 50 ones at the Bulgarian-Turkish border. This raises the question of whether FRONTEX will only watch the Bulgarian authorities while they go on with their push-back practice in the upcoming days. Until now, the number of crossing incidents around the Turkish-Bulgarian border near Kapıkule/Kapitan Andreevo seem much lower in comparison to the Greek-Turkish border around Pazarkule/Kastanies – both border crossings are only about 10 km away from each other.

Meanwhile in the whole border region thousands of people, including families, are waiting in the border region under critical weather conditions. Bordermonitoring Bulgaria calls the Bulgarian authorities and FRONTEX to stop the push back practice, which is against international law and the Non-refoulement principle.
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Titel: Common Statement: Transnational solidarity against racism an  BeitragVerfasst am: 06.03.2020, 16:58 Uhr

Beiträge: 94

Five years after the so-called “refugee crisis” and almost four years after the EU-Turkey deal, we are once again witnessing the violence caused by security-centred migration policies. Since last Thursday (27.02.2020), thousands of people have been moving towards the Turkey-Greece border following the announcement that migrants wanting to reach Europe will no longer be stopped on the Turkish side. The announcement from Turkish government officials came after the death of 33 Turkish soldiers in the Idlib area, where conflict escalation has seen the civilian death toll rapidly increase by the day, with basic infrastructure and health facilities being blatantly fired at. Turkish government keeps its borders with Syria closed while seeing no harm in pushing thousands of migrants towards the doors of Europe, into a limbo.

Migrants and asylum seekers from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and several African countries have been reaching the border-crossing areas of Edirne, Çanakkale, and İzmir; some were brought there by buses of municipalities, some arrived by private taxis, or walking. In the Edirne area, they have been allowed to proceed to the border zone by the Turkish authorities, but Greek police forces prevented them from passing with gas and sound-lighting bombs. At the same time, Turkish authorities restricted the access of journalists and reporters. Those stuck in the grey zone between the two states under heavy rain and with scant food supplies have been shouting for the opening of the borders. Some of those who reach the land border were told by the authorities to cross by sea despite hazardous weather conditions.

In Greece, the scenario is also worsening. The government has recently passed a new stricter and even more inhumane law on asylum entailing detention upon arrival to the Greek territory for all new asylum seekers. In the past days, local communities on the islands of Chios and Lesbos have been clashing with riot-police in opposition to the establishment of new detention facilities. Under the burden of the so-called “refugee crisis” since the EU-Turkey deal, they have been protesting against the deterioration of their own living conditions and of the living conditions of those seeking asylum there. However, xenophobia and racism have never stopped infesting the public discourse. In reaction to the latest events, Greek government officials have been fuelling hatred and fear by spreading the myth of an invasion by “illegals” at the behest of its neighbouring country.

Xenophobia, racism and their normalisation must be opposed everywhere they surface, be it in Turkey, Greece and anywhere else. The instrumentalization of the lives of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees reduced to a threat and a bargaining chip must end, both in domestic electoral campaigns and in the relations between the Turkish government and the EU. The security policies that push thousands of already displaced people into a limbo and the border regimes that cause the endless cycle of violence against them must cease. What we demand are peace, fundamental rights and freedoms of every person on the move.

Borders are killing, open the borders!
Stop the war on refugees & migrants!
Transnational solidarity against racism and war!
For a free world without borders, exploitation, and exile.

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIp ... g/viewform
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Titel:   BeitragVerfasst am: 06.03.2020, 17:00 Uhr

Beiträge: 94

Stop War on Migrants



On Wednesday, March 4, at Evros region, beyond any doubt, shots were fired. Five migrants were injured, one was killed. It is not yet known who shot them. We may never know. “The first casualty of war is truth”, and we should’t expect anything different, now that the Greek state has chosen to declare war on migrants: at Evros region, on the islands, in mainland. But we are very well aware of the masterminds of the crime. We are not going to speak about the responsibilities of the Turkish state here, this is what our comrades in Turkey are doing. Our duty is to speak about the ones responsible here, where we live and where our grief turns to rage.

It took decades of anti-immigration policy to get to this specific drama to the systematic and murderous cynicism of the the last few days.

It is the outcome of almost a week of never mentioning the obvious fact that the people who arrived at the borders did so in order to escape interstate competition, wars, and the new carving up of the world by global capitalism. This overwhelming truth was totally concealed by the jingoist cry “Behold! Invaders!” launched in all directions…

It is the outcome of the fact that the following absurdity has been presented as the “sole truth” for almost a week now: Migrants are the innocent ones, "instrumentalised by filthy Erdogan" as long as they remain in Turkey, that is suddenly transformed from an “aggressive state” into a “safe third country”. But as soon as they try to approach the borders, they turn from “innocent and deceived” into “an asymmetric threat” and become “invaders”…

It is the outcome of the fact that thousands of migrants who arrived at the Evros region struggling to cope with cold weather, hunger, deprivation and death are stranded in the gray zone between the Greek and Turkish states, and at the same time are trapped in the deadly no man's land between the two faces of the same coin, the politics that turns people into tools of interstate competition…

It is the outcome of everyone in Greece speaking about the “atrocious Turkish state that turned migrants into negotiation tools in order to exert pressure on the EU, due to the developments in the Syrian war”, while never mentioning that the Greek state objectified migrants too, treating them as “invaders” and “asymmetric threat”, intensifying xenophobic and far-right discourse and turning the border in Evros into a war zone…

It is the outcome of redeploying of a "state of emergenc"y by carrying out military exercises with live fire in the Evros region, by violently pushing back migrants who tried to cross the barbed wire, by arresting and abusing anyone who “succeeded” on laying foot upon sacred Greek soil…

It is the outcome of upgrading racist rhetoric in the Aegean from delirious proposals (about guarding see borders with floating fences, constructing huge detention centers, making asylum procedures impossible, and moving migrants to uninhabited rocky islands) to conducting military exercises with live ammunition and imposing a discourse according to which “in times of war, every nation must stand behind its leadership, no time for talking, disagreement is treason”…

…which is nothing short of an open call to arms for paramilitary organizations in Evros, as well as for fascist and nationalist groups in the Aegean islands, who organized patrols, intimidated, terrorised and attacked migrants, solidarity people and n.g.o. workers…

…which is nothing short of a call for the hordes of “concerned patriots” to gather around the fascists, to combine their ideology of a nationalist, statist and capitalist protection of the homeland with the feeling of overwhelming power that only a mob can offer (especially when it attacks the weakest, while police and authorities enjoy the sopectacle with their arms crossed)…

And then comes the government's assertion that the news of a migrant dying after being shot by a rubber bullet while crossing the border is “fake news” (when everyone knows how they initially tried to cover up the killings of J. Kostopoulos, P. Fyssas, A. Grigoropoulos and so many others) ..."fake news" that leave the rumour to be completed by the unspoken: “and if he did die, it suits him well”…

The scenery has been set up for death to occur at any moment and in various ways.

In short, now that for a whole week the “enemy” is being stripped of their humanity and targeted in national unanimity and unity, the decisive step has been taken: The killers have been armed. Whoever they might have been, whoever they might be.

We cannot stand idly by, as barbarism, daily humiliation of thousands of people and death unfold. If migrants interned in the Moria camp found the power, against the widespread pogroms, to protest on March 2 demanding their freedom, if migrants at the Evros border found the courage to declare that there is no return, then noone can be absent from this struggle.

In other circumstances our slogans would be:

Locals and migrants together in the struggle:

- Against borders and wars, discrimination, oppression, exploitation

- Shut down migrants’ detention/exclusion camps

- For freedom of movement and papers for all.

But now our first slogan has to be:



PROTESTS: (Saloniki/GR)

Thursday March 5, 18:00, Kamara

Saturday March 14, 13:00, Venizelos statue
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