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Titel: Moscow Death Brigade - "Out The Basement" Official  BeitragVerfasst am: 14.04.2020, 19:25 Uhr

Beiträge: 185

Moscow Death Brigade - "Out The Basement" Official Music Video

New Album "BAD ACCENT ANTHEMS" out April 10!

04.06. FR, Besancon - L'Antonnoir
05.06. FR, Rennes - 1988 Live Club
06.06. FR, Fontenay Le Comte - On n'a plus 20ans Fest
18.06. FR, Toulouse - L'Usine A Musique
19.06. Juneda - Kalikenyo Rock Fest
20.06. FR, Bordeaux - BT59
21.06. FR, Clisson - Hellfest
28.06. DE, Kiel - Alte Meierei
30.06. SE, Stockholm – Cyklopen
01.07. NO, Oslo - John Dee
02.07. DK, Roskilde - Roskilde Festival
04.07. ES, Viveiro - Resurrection Fest
09.07. CZ, Velke Mezirici - Faijtfest
10.07. DE, Zwickau - Störfaktor Festival
12.07. RS, Novi Sad - Exit Festival
31.07. DE, Berlin - Resist To Exist Fest
02.08. FR, St Maurice de Gourdans - Sylak Fest
04.08. UK, Liverpool - The Outpost
05.08. UK, Edinburgh - Bannermans
06.08. UK, Nottingham - The Old Cold Store
07.08. UK, Blackpool - Rebellion Festival
08.08. Almeria - Juergas Festival
13.08. SI, Tolmin - Punk Rock Holiday
14.08. CZ, Volyne - Summer Punk Party
27.08. SK, Trencin - Punkaci Detom Fest
28.08. PL, Warsaw - Poglos
29.08. PL, Katowice - Tattoo Konwent 2020
30.08. PL, Poznan - Klub U Bazyla
31.08. DE, Eisenhüttenstadt – Steelbruch
01.09. DK, Copenhagen - Loppen
02.09. DK, Aalborg - 1000Fryd
03.09. DK, Fredericia - Töjhuset
04.09. Fin, Helsinki - Bar Loose
05.09. Fin, Oulu - Hevimesta
06.09. Fin, Kuopio - Henry's Pub
10.09. Barcelona - Sala Razzmatazz 2
12.09. Pamplona - Sala Totem Aretoa
13.09. Oviedo - Sala Gong
15.09. ES, Madrid - Sala Copernico
16.09. Zaragoza - Sala Lopez
17.09. FR, Montpellier - Secret Place
18.09. FR, Paris - Gibus
19.09. FR, Epinal - La Souris Verte
22.09. CH, Zurich - Werk 21
25.09. AT, Bregenz - Between
26.09. AT, Vienna - Arena
27.09. DE, Munich - Backstage
02.12. UK, Brighton - The Cowley Club
03.12. UK, Bristol - Exchange
05.12. UK, London - New Cross Inn
04.12. UK, Manchester
06.12. NL, Amsterdam - Melkweg
07.12. DE, Mainz - Postlager
08.12. DE, Rostock - Peter-Weiss-Haus
09.12. CZ, Prague - Futurum Music Bar
10.12. DE, Dresden - Chemiefabrik
11.12. DE, Nuremberg - Desi
12.12. DE, Cologne - Helios 37
14.12. DE, Hamburg - Uebel & Gefährlich
15.12. DE, Berlin - Festsaal Kreuzberg

Out out out the basement
Who’s that? Crocodiles on attack, better face’em
Know us by despicable rhymes. Drop the bass, man
Out out out the basement

One mic, one pen - this is how we began
No money, no gear, but it’s never been a problem
From the day one we run with a same plan
Spread our word around with the mic and a spray can
Playing everywhere we can - from the clubs to commuter cars
Stories from the past, full blast, they leave scars
Times were hard, we ain’t tough and we never pretend
But had a crew of true friends by our side till the end
Living on the road, this van is a pirate boat
Smash mics, hit repeat, reload, till your head explode
Music for the kids, misfits, surviving by the code
Of unity, respect, rising up against the whole world
Never cared about the critics, deceivers and non-believers
Always keep spitting lyrics, from the elitists deliver us
Working hard, playing harder, spreading love, having fun
Become a part of our story, it has only begun

Oh yeah! Who’s that? Coming at you full speed
Moscow Death Brigade on the mic coming with a few tricks
Up the sleeve, rewind and then we’re bringing back the beat
Riding on top of a Moscow Metro car and raising the heat
Body temperature increase as if you needed Penicillin
We have infiltrated like bacteria
Unlimited lyrical ammo belt. If you ever felt
Like a last one standing, non-conforming to the hate
And double standards, hypocrites and bad intentions
Was an only voice, now it’s many
So we question everything. Eventually take it apart
Reverse engineer it, put it back together, give it a kick start
Bring out the big Croc! Bring out the big Croc!
Renegade vibes slamming your brain with a cinder block
Rocking many styles, skins and punks, Shaolin monks
When the time comes take your bolt cutters out of the trunk

Some remain in the game, some change for the worse
Those who preach the most, stab you in the back first
But we never change the course, we never care about the rats
This song about unity still ringing in our heads
Still in the game, say our name, we sing the same old song
Time after time, after time, prove them wrong
I got a barrel full of rhymes like my name is Donkey Kong
Against their lies, we got an army, million heads strong
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Titel: Moscow Death Brigade "What We Do" Official Vid  BeitragVerfasst am: 14.04.2020, 19:28 Uhr

Beiträge: 185

Moscow Death Brigade - "What We Do" Official Music Video 2018

Ski mask Phenomenon, don’t ask you never know
This flow can turn your inner demon on
Saw them front, now they gone
Stomp to the beat, keep it on and on and on
Under the hood, we’ll give'em the boot
Got dirty white sneaks and a thrift store track suit
We hop the fence, dog barks Woof Woof
Never growing old like the Maytals and Toots
We put the bigots down, that’s the major offense
Carrying around a plastic bag full of spray cans
Take a stance, we rise against
We’re the men in black with some dirty hands
What you gonna do? We call you out on your lie
What you gonna do? We never stop, don’t even try
Your house's made of hay and you know we’re spitting fire
Used to laugh behind our backs, now you cry

What? What? What we do?
Them fools build the walls - breaking through
Who? Who? One true crew
We do what we want, you can try it too

What we do is bring moody beats with a spring
Can't overcome the positive hum of this thing
Boom Bap kick-drum, don't sweat and keep calm
Gotta get a grip - dirty pad in your eardrums
Like none of them chums can
Techno rap punk from an insulated Moscow basement
Heard that bass, man? Blade at the rave levels of amazement
Reason 4 and four spray cans
Jump around, bang your head like a mad one
Beat from the pit for the criminals and hoodlums
Don't drop bars like a master
Just a guy, and a mic, and a ghettoblaster playing faster
I ain't one of them with an ego bombastic
We are not pseudo violent wanna-be gangsters
Heart on a sleeve but a shady passport
Questionable characters? Yes and then some

Wanna be thugs - We ain’t none of them
Barricade heroes - We ain’t none of them
Leaders of the people - We ain’t of them
We do what we love, how we can, what’s your problem?
Holier than thou - We ain’t none of them
Know it all types - We ain’t none of them
Holders of the truth - We ain’t none of them
But we deliver you what ain’t none of them can
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Titel: Moscow Death Brigade "Throw Ya Canz" 4K Official V  BeitragVerfasst am: 14.04.2020, 19:31 Uhr

Beiträge: 185

Moscow Death Brigade "Throw Ya Canz" 4K Official Vid 2019

Hoods Up, Hoods Up, metal hair, dreads
Shine em up, shine em up, shine a bald head
One can, two can, three can, four
Spitting vile, mad crocodile

Ghetto Teen Titans, Reptile Alliance
We don’t fight like lions we fight like the crocodiles
Pulverize the liars, meat cleaver to the deceiver
Bringing you two to your liver, send you to Oblivion
Never stay quite, about to start riot
Can’t hide it, they can’t deny it, I’m David versus Goliath
This flow is radical, based on a secret chemical
Chase em like a mechanical cannibal, we tyrannical
Here is something you can’t understand
More than a band, it’s a techno rap metal command
Heads begin to bang, you’re caught in a mosh fever
So you better call me Paul, we deliver you to evil
Crocodile villains, we party with the reptilians
Hurt your feelings, we’re chosen few against the millions
Rhyme spitters, don’t fuck with us, we’re the damage dealers
Sick of your society, violently we erode the pillars

You always fall into traps like General Ackbar
I bring the undeniable vibe of Death Star
Circle Pit synth rap and heavy metal guitars
Running with the devil forever and doing whole cars
Get funky! For Boltcutter press "1"
Escaping City 17 with a crowbar
Murder on the dancefloor. Mosh with the Deathclaws
Crows from the ghetto, no matter - the story goes on
Made this rhyme to create a little difference
For numerous of those who exist against the ignorance
Against human hating venom from the kennels
Or witch-hunting radicals, time to turn the tables
This music breaks walls and it amps souls,
The kids in my pit will leave your tanks stalled
They come from a place you can not come from
And they possess enough insight to send you to the Terror Dome

Gargoyles leering from the stone walls of Babylon
Mask wearing fiend - the reptilian phenomenon
Aggravating alligator-herder, the Emperor Crocodile cult supporter
Original Crocomuffin freestyler
For criminals and truth finders
Underground rave defiler
Doze your enabling hate in fire
Renegade brigade of Metal-Ragga-croco-lions
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