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Titel: Coronakrise I Unangemeldeter Protest: 200 auf der Straße  BeitragVerfasst am: 30.03.2020, 15:32 Uhr

Beiträge: 93

Berlin-Kreuzberg, Kottbusser Tor, 28.03.2020

Motto: Die Zeit steht nicht still – Achtsamer Protest in Zeiten von Corona und Ausnahmezustand.

Die Protestierenden sammelten sich einzeln und in Zweiergruppen, hielten 2 Meter Abstand und trugen überwiegend Mundnasenschutz. Nach 30 Minuten lösten die Versammelten ihren Protest auf. Vorher hatte die Polizei aufgefordert die Versammlung zu beenden.

Die Rede im Video ist der gesamte bei diesem Protest mit dem zu sehenden Lautsprecher abgespielte Audiobeitrag.
„Wir wollen keinen Trend zur Isolation und freiwilligen Selbsteinsperrung.“. Nicht der Virus an sich sondern die Herrschaftsstrukturen seien für das Ausmaß der Krise verantwortlich. „Das Problem heißt Rassismus, Kapitalismus und Patriarchat.“
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Titel: Jello Biafra - Message From Our Sponsor 2020  BeitragVerfasst am: 07.04.2020, 19:41 Uhr

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Jello Biafra updates his classic monologue, “Message From Our Sponsor” from his first spoken word album, “No More Cocoons” as a BRAND NEW spoken word track for 2020.

Track available for download on bandcamp
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Titel: Proteste in Polen gegen strengeres Abtreibungsrecht  BeitragVerfasst am: 16.04.2020, 09:24 Uhr

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ah so, in polen steht die gesellschaft nicht still?

In Polen haben landesweit viele Menschen gegen einen Gesetzesentwurf protestiert, der eine Verschärfung des Abtreibungsrechts vorsieht. Wegen der Schutzmaßnahmen gegen eine weitere Ausbreitung des Coronavirus, die größere Versammlungen verbieten, wählten die Frauen am Dienstag alternative Formen für ihren Protest.

In Warschau rückten sie zum Beispiel mit Autos an und blockierten laut hupend einen Kreisverkehr im Zentrum der Stadt.

und so weiter
https://www.derstandard.at/story/200011 ... bungsrecht

fu standard, das bild ist vom bbc:

Protesters in Poland have defied the coronavirus lockdown to oppose a proposal that would almost completely ban abortion.

Public gatherings are banned, but videos show people in the streets of Warsaw and Poznan on Tuesday standing around 2m apart and holding placards.

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Titel: Ljubljana Mayday  BeitragVerfasst am: 04.05.2020, 17:53 Uhr

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For Mayday there were more then 5000 people on the streets of Ljubljana...mostly on bikes, rollerskates, skateboards. Similar, but smaller protests happened in many towns around Slovenia, such as Koper, Trbovlje, Bre¸ice....

The initial call for the protest came from the anarchists and quickly went viral so the crowd was very heterogenous as a lot of people are really angry with the authoritarian turn that the new-far-right government took during the corona-virus situation. The demo happened while there is still a ban on any and all public gatnhering of more than 5 people that had been in force for a month and a half. In Ljubljana the police did not try to interfere with the demo, but in one other town people experienced quite serious - for our context - harrasment.


The Mayday demo came one week after the first cycling demo against the authoritarianism, when more than 300 people took the streets totally by surprise and effectively ended the lock-down (which is legally still in place). This is the video from the first demo on 24th April: http://komunal.org/video/protesti/553-p ... deo-report [music is corona hit from our comrades - also video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNsfOWQuRdE]

Below the call of Anarchist Initiative Ljubljana for Mayday protest and below below also the statement from 20th March in relation to the pandemics and state's response to it.

In solidarity from Ljubljana


For 1st May of Solidarity - not of Crisis and Intimidation!

This Friday on 1st May we celebrate and remember the workers, anarchists and syndicalists who were brutally assassinated in Chicago in the late 19th century and who to this day remain a symbol of global workers' resistance to capitalism. This year 1st May marks a beginning of a new wave of economic and social crisis unleashed as a consequence of the struggle against the coronavirus pandemic. The response of the current and of the future governments to this crisis can already be easily predicted: budget cuts, austerity, state sanctioned robbery of people as a means to ensure the survival of the banks, repression, populism, supression of those that think differently and the significant limitation of our freedoms.

The authorities and the capitalism both offer us a society of individualization, exploitation and repression and in this what they offer us is nothing else but a plan to return capitalism back to the point zero. For them this means an ongoing concentration of resources in the hands of the wealthy few at the cost of the rest of us that stay outside of safety nets of the welfare state, without equal and just payment and with no health system that would be universally accessible .

No matter how much they will try to convince us in the comingweeks - employing both the carrot and the stick - that the plan that is outlined above represents the only possible way out from the crisis, we must not forget that another world is possible to be not only imagined but realized as well. It is up to us to take this moment as an opportunity for a fundamental reflection on what kind of society we want to live in. Do we want to live according to the script that the authorities have written for us or do we want to write the script by ourselves and through a self-organized and grass-roots effort? It is up to us to re-inscribe to the global dictionary the words such as mutual aid, solidarity and anti-authoritarianism. We cannot count on anyone else, except on ourselves, our friends, our neighbours and on all those comrades that we are yet to encounter through the struggle itself.

Which side of history we will choose, is up to us. We can begin making this choice already today.


While many (of us) stayed at home in these past few weeks, the capitalist elite forced many workers in industry, production and in many services to work without adequate protection equipment, meaning that many of us could simply not stay at home. In exchange for our work we can expect only the same miserably wage and no hope that our situation might ever change.

While many (of us) had the privilege to stay at home, many of the homeless in our towns have been left without the adequate access to shelter, public toilets and even to drinking water. Their tragic plight drew the image of the future that due to the inflated rents and coming crisis will become the everyday reality of an increasing number of people.

While many (of us) could stay home because we had some savings at our disposal to rely on there are also many who for a long time now don't have any savings and are now losing their jobs, be they of more precarious or more stable type. In the coming months they will be joined by masses of newly unemployed from many sectors of the society - from culture to industry - will be made reduntant. It seems that this time the crisis will allow no particular sector to come out of it as a winner as the only winners will come - as we are well accustomed - from the ranks of the elite.

As a society we confronted the crisis with solidarity: we took care that the health system did not collapse and that the most vulnerable among us stayed as safe as possible. We did not do this because the government oredered us so, but because we want to live in a society where solidarity and mutuality reign.

On the other hand, in only one month since it was installed the present government managed to employ almost all the dirty tricks that practically any government does in any kind of crisis: corruption, destruction of our living environment to enable enrichment of the few, intimidation of people by announcement of budget cuts, implementation of measures the effect of which will be that the most precarized parts of the population will be thrown into poverty, usage of populist catch-phrases, symbolic and over-hyped giving away of money, threats of violence against migrants at the borders and devision of extremely restrictive measures, policies and laws that under the cover of fight against the virus target both the civil society and the self-organized grass-roots movement.

Our response to the crisis was and remains rooted in solidarity and was of course welcomed by the government as it expects that in the name of the fight against the virus we will look away when they steal, spread hatred and repress. But now we enter into the news phase when the government will find it more and more difficult to maintain the image of emergency. This is why the threat of the virus will give way to the threat of 'the migrants' who supposedly wait at the first curve, to the threat that is posed by the irresponsible hikers and of course by all those that are showing and will continue to show the courage and creativity as they take to the streets and make the authorities aware that there is no space for nationalism, capitalism, exploitation, repression, militarisation, destruction of environemnt and austerity in our society. When the president of the state and the minister of defense together with the entire military leadership merily promenade around the border and search for their phantomic enemies they try to convince us that protesting against their measures and making a stand for society built on solidarity is the most irresponsible evil imaginable. We will not fall for their trick and we will not be scared. Unlike them we know how to take care of each other, even in times of the coronavirus.

We have proved that by numerous examples of self-organised activities in the last few weeks: through food distribution, care for the elderly and the sick; through continuous reflection on cooperatives, collective living, education and work; and through all the innumerable individual gestures when we did not forget to call upon our friends, babysit their children while they were working jobs, or bring some food to people's homes. All these are gestures of resistance that matter too.

In the coming months we need to build the resistance where we work, receive medical treatment and live. We need to fight for the health system that would be accessible to all. We need to fight against welfare cuts and for fair pay and equal rights and against dehumanization of the free market. The solution for our problems will not come through the elections where either old or new faces will again offer the same remedies that every few years push us into crisis and poverty. If we want to change the outcome, then we need to change the method. We do not want to go back to normal because it already did not offer us much anyway. We have enough!

This year's 1st May must not be a celebration of intimidation, crisis, further Hungary-like authoritarian measures, patronizing attitude of the authorities towards the population and of the announcements of new suspension of our rights. This 1st May will be a celebration of struggle, solidarity, search for new ways of mutuality and collectivity. This 1st May will be ours.

Let's hop on our bikes this Friday at 19h and go for a ride through the centers of our towns and villages. If we won't push the pedals let's be loud from our windows and balconies. Let's take care of each other, both against the virus and against the police, let's open ourselves to the passion for resistance and be uncatchable!

All to the bikes and with them to the streets!

Long live 1st May!

Anarchist initiative Ljubljana // Federation for anarchist organising (APL / FAO)

Ljubljana 28th April 2020


statement from 20th March:

We should respond to coronavirus with solidarity and not with military and violence!

When in 2015 the people who were fleeing the war, violence and poverty massively rejected the order to stay "at home" this caused the security regime of Fortress Europe to temporarily broke down.The managers of the system of capitalist misery understood this as a signal to push for the introduction of new tools of surveillance of movement and life of all, not only of those with 'false documents'. At the time, in Slovenia, the government of extreme centre made a big effort to create an atmosphere of the state of emergency that was quickly filled by whole range of new measures aimed towards the resolution of the so called 'migrant crisis.' Even long after the government itself declared the crisis to be over, those measures were still in place. One of those was the ichange to the Law on Defense (Zakon o obrambi) and the insertion of new article 37a which states that the parliament can on the proposal of the government and for the purpose of securing the state border give to the military the powers that are otherwise reserved solely for the police: issuing of legal warnings to civilians, giving orders to civilians, temporary limitation the movement of civilian individuals and crowd control.

At the time a large part of the public made its best to resist the plan drafted by the extreme centrist government, but the authoritarian steamroller was too strong. The law was amended and the constitutional court who was under strong pressure from both the centristic and the rightwing extremists forbade the referendum who was called for by civil society. Many justified their opposition with a warning that the proposed change of the law would for the first time in history of Slovenian state create a possibility for the military to legally conduct surveillance and repression of civilian population, for an example in an event of a new social crisis and popular resistance to the government's response to it that would inevitably follow. Only couple of years later the new extreme right government decided to invoke the article that was so nicely set for it in the law by the extreme centrists two governments ago.

What can we draw from this and other developments in order to better understand the world in time of coronavirus pandemic?

1. Pandemic is real. The fact is that people are dying and that some of us are particularly vulnerable. All of us therefore deserve appropriate health care, social security and protection from forced labour in healt-threatening conditions. In this very moment thousands of people are carrying out extremely important tasks. Today it is finally clear to all that this society cannot function properly not only without health professionals, but also without cashiers in the supermarkets, drivers, electricians, cooks, waste-disposal workers and many others. But beyond the very important specific professions and activities in order for all the efforts to bring about a meaningful success in the fight against the virus the key is also in all of us who can build forms of mutual aid, be it small and spontaneous, or long-term and more organised. If in few days from now, when the first shock of the crisis conditions will be behind us, we will be able to direct our efforts towards the development of solidarity practices beyond the immediate family circle, then we will be able to say at some point the far future that under the immense and for everybody new burden of the crisis we managed to stay humans and take care od each other. Among our guiding principles should be that physical distance must not develop first into a social distance and then into social isolation. Let us not implement the quite revealing Freudian slip of the authorities and wherever possible organise by ourselves, at all times acting responsibly towards others and ourselves.

2. The military does not contribute anything to the fight against the pandemic. Most of the latter falls on the workers in public health system and especially on their capability to identify as soon as possible those that are in need of care and to then provide it absolutely. There is no space here for military that would march fully armed through the streets, causing anxiety and harassing dog walkers and the youth. We need to totally reject the idea that social and health problems can be solved by repression. Virus will be stopped by solidarity and care, not by guns and fines!

3. No government deserves your trust! The extreme right government of the moment plans well ahead. It is clear that after the first wave of anxiety people will start to reflect about which measures introduced to fight the pandemic made sense and which were just there to cover up the others whose purpose was to further impoverish the people, hand financial awards to those who are already rich and to introduce new authoritarian mechanisms of governance. In the name of prevention they adopt measures that have nothing to do with blocking the spread of the virus and narrow the space where freedom can exist. Taking the virus and the care for fellow humans seriously we should not allow any breathing space to the government that will try to fast track the implementation of measures that will hurt the most vulnerable among us!

4. Let's organize! Despite the fact that the state of emergency encourages the feeling that any opposition to the new and eery measures is impossible, we should not fall in the trap of powerlessness. We are faced with a new challenge which we have to take on the chin and come up with new ways to think about how on the one hand we don't allow the virus to breathe, while on the other hand also we don't allow the state to pursue its arrogant narrowminded agenda - all while staying safe and responsible. The reason why the latter wants to convince us that we are at war is that then it can justifiably sacrifice us in the name of a higher national calling. Therefore every measure needs to be evaluated by how much it contributes to the social, economic and health security of the most vulnerable among us. Pandemic will cause a lot of harm, but at some point it will be over, but the dictatorship will stay. Capitalist regime is once more making clear that it has nothing to offer to a large majority of the society. Every crisis that it encounters - often even produces - it survives by treating the people as easily replaceable commmodities that are routinely thrown into misery. It cannot go on like this. We cannot suffer so much only for everything to return back to the same!

Let's think about what we can do in smaller groups, how we can help each other outside of state structures and above all how we can express our noncompliance with the state of emergency. Let's think if this month we will pay the bills (many don't even have the money to do so) and build a political movement out of this! Now, when Ljubljana is finally tourist-free, is the time to ask ourselves, why do we live in holes and still pay the rents as if we inhabit the luxury mansions of one of European capitals. Maybe, just maybe, we can learn from others from elsewhere and envision and then organize a rent strike?

If we are in debt and or if we are are already in the spiral of desperation, fear, insecurity, shame of our poverty, we should admit these feelings and situations to each other and then speak publicly about them. In this way we can open a path towards solutions that could widen the cracks in the system in which only the few profit. In this way we can and must rediscover what dignity means.

We are more than five!
Against fear and state of emergency, for solidarity!
Corona pushed capitalism to its knees, return to previous normality is not an option!

Anarchist initiative Ljubljana
from soon to be occupied again Ljubljana
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Titel: 24.04.20 graz  BeitragVerfasst am: 24.05.2020, 18:29 Uhr

Beiträge: 107

Graz, Demo 24.4.2020: "Aufstand statt Anstand, Aufstand mit Abstand! Klima schützen, Fluchtursachen stoppen, Kapitalismus abschaffen auch nach Corona! Wir wollen nicht zurück zur alten Normalität! Wer in der Demokratie einschläft, wacht im Fachismus auf!”

Mit dieser Message gingen am Freitag, den 24. April ca. 30 Menschen spontan auf die Straße. Anfänglich zeigte sich die Polizei nur wenig interessiert und begleitete die Gruppe mit einem Auto. Als schließlich 3 Fahrzeuge angekommen waren, versuchten sie die Demo anzuhalten und zu kesseln. Doch die Gruppe bog ab und wollte durch eine schmale Gasse weiter ziehen. Darauf hin wurden die Personen an der Spitze verfolgt und aufgehalten. Mit der Begründung der Veranstaltungsleitung versuchten die Beamt*innen zwei Demoteilnehmer*innen anzuhalten und die Identitäten festzustellen. Schnell wurde klar, dass diese zwei Teilnehmer*innen ihre Identität nicht Preis geben werden. Die Polizei versuchte die zwei Personen von der noch demonstrierenden Gruppe zu separieren, um sie anschließend fest zu nehmen. Doch die Gruppe hielt zusammen und erklärte der Polizei die Rechtslage. Um die zwei Personen vor der Festnahme zu schützen, ließ sich die Gruppe auf eine unrechtmäßige Auflösung (telefonisch per Journaldienst und mit fehlender Begründung) ein. Daraufhin verließen die Demoteilnehmer*innen zügig den Ort des Geschehens.
Ob Virus oder Pandemie, der Autorität unterwerfen wir uns nie!!!

https://emrawi.org/?In-Graz-wird-wieder ... triert-844
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