Contact High (G) / Cadû (V) / Half Baked Cheese (V)
Freitag, 23 . Februar 2018 - 21:00
Vereinsinterne Veranstaltung

Contact High
Loud bursts of guitars, hammering drum-grooves, punching bass-lines, now and then even scattered, almost sacral organ parts are the elements which make up Contact High’s sound. Even though Contact High are a traditional four-piece, their music is anything but traditional, which is further exemplified through their stage design, which turns even the smallest club into a place of worship at the altar of Rock’n’Roll. “Music for late-night-romantics” (, “Electric White Boy Blues” or “Stoner Indie” ( are just some of the eclectic musical portmanteaus with which people have tried to capture the vast musical pallet that is Contact High’s sound.

They wasted their adolescence playing and listening to loud music in their parent’s basements. Influenced by the DIY ethos of punk bands such as Fugazi and with the sounds of the early 2000s garage rock bands such as The Strokes in their ears, they started recording songs on their own, played every show they possibly could, honing their skills along the way. As their experience grew, their influences began to expand as well — now enticed by the experimental approach of rock bands such as the Queens of the Stone Age, the atmospheric soundtracks of Spaghetti Westerns and the booming beats of Old School Hip Hop, Contact High recorded and self-released their first record 'Lessons from Defeat' in 2016.

Cadû is a 4 piece progressive rock formation hailing from Vienna Austria.
With band members emerging from all corners of the Viennese underground scene, Cadu benefits from a vast variety of stylistic influences ranging from Trip Hop to Jazz to Classical music and theater.
Within the past year Cadu played various shows in Austria including a show @ Chelsea Vienna and the Yellow Kingdom Open Air. They played their first tour through Germany in Oktober 2017 and re currently workin on their first Album.
Half Baked Cheese
Die Band aus Wien macht nunmehr seit unglaublichen 14 Jahren in (fast) gleicher Besetzung die Bühnen und Underground-Events in Österreich und Deutschland unsicher.
Treu bleiben sie dabei nicht nur sich selbst, sondern auch ihrer einmaligen exzentrischen Live- Performance,die oft irgendwo zwischen Ausdruckstanz und Doom-Orgie anzusiedeln ist, in jedem Falle aber immer
oberhalb der akustischen Schmerzgrenze liegt. „Vom Theater bis zum Kuhstall, vom E.K.H. bis zum Altar war alles da

Sub Graz
Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Kai 66
Graz 8010


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